Homemade Thai Iced Tea Recipe

Homemade Thai Iced Tea Recipe

The Thai iced tea is a renowned drink in an Asian continent. People of these countries love this amazing tea. They like the tea for a reason. It doesn’t deliver decent taste only; the tea also provides some great health benefits. One of them is preventing the asthma disease. The issue is a fatal problem. Only people who have gone through it know how much horrible the disease is. One cup of the Thai cold tea can remove the risk of asthma. If you are guessing that it’s hard to make the chai tea at home, you are certainly not correct. The making method of the tea is not difficult because it requires some of your regular kitchen ingredients. See the homemade Thai iced tea recipe below.


  • Tea bag: To prepare the Thai tea, you must use the black tea bags. It’s essential for the Thai tea. Also, use only the organic black tea. 4 tea bags are required.
  • Star anise: If you want the actual Thai flavor then the star anise is a must too. Take 2 pieces of it.
  • Cardamom pod: Another important ingredient that gives the Thai taste to the tea. 1 cardamom pod is enough for the tea. Smash it as you have to mix it in the tea.
  • Water: 4 cups of the water are required here. Just take the normal water from the kitchen because you will boil it later.
  • Sugar: You will have to use the sugar instead of honey here. Take 12 tablespoons of the granulated sugar because it mixes with the tea properly.
  • Clove: 2 pieces of the clove are needed for preparing the Thai tea. It’s yet one more mandatory ingredient for the tea.
  • Half-and-half: 1 cup of it should be good for the tea. If you don’t have it, you can use the condensed milk or basic milk too.
  • Ice: Get some ice cubes too. It’s necessary for the iced tea.


STEP-1: Boil the required amount of the water and add the tea bags to it. Combine anise star, sugar, cloves, and cardamom pod together and add them into the tea too. Don’t just leave them there, stir the mixture so that every ingredient can get mixed sufficiently. Boil the tea again with the elements for 3 minutes. Remove the tea from heat after the time.

STEP-2: Now let the tea soak for 30 minutes. It will cool down after the time. You will get the best Thai tea flavor if these ingredients get mixed to the tea completely. For the best result, keep the tea bags in the water for 2 hours straight. It will also help the tea to get cool.

STEP-3: Pull out the black tea bags. Get a spoon and remove the clove, star anise, and clove too. If the tea is not cool enough, put it in the fridge for a while. It will be chilled adequately. This will fasten the process of making tea.

STEP-4: In a large glass, put some ice cubes and then pour the Thai tea. Leave sufficient room at the top of the glass. Add the half-and-half according to your requirement.

Health Benefits

  • Averts Asthma: The trouble while breathing has to be one of the most awful issues to the sufferers. Everyone has the right to breathe but some people are restricted not to do it comfortably. The Thai iced tea can help you with that. The anti-oxide of the Thai tea injects inflammation substances into your body. As a result, it doesn’t only treat asthma, the tea prevents it too.
  • Supports Diet: If you are not getting support for your diet program from anyone then make the Thai tea a friend. It’s obviously supportive and can help you to lose weight effectively. The Thai is excellent in terms of normalizing your metabolism. The metabolism is what you require when you are on diet. Consume the tea daily and you will see a wonderful result within the first month.
  • Aids Heart Health: The iced Thai tea also assists your heart to be in a stable condition. The main thing what it does to your heart is protecting the arteries and blood vessels. These are the most vital parts of your precious heart. When they are protected properly, you will be out of upset heart health risk.
  • Stroke Prevention: The stroke is undoubtedly one of the scariest diseases in the world. There is no need not to mention the reason. It causes because of the blood veins issues. The issues happen because you have a high level of the cholesterol. The Thai tea reduces the cholesterol which also decreases the risk of the stroke. The black tea contains theaflavin, anti-oxide, and caffeine. All of this is beneficial to prevent stroke.
  • Green Tea Mochi Ice Cream Also has a great benefit for health.

Health Disadvantages

  • Stomach Inconvenience: The black tea or whatever tea is not that good for you stomach. When the tea flavor is strong, it can cause sensitivity in your stomach. The Thai tea creates the cramps issue in the stomach too. You will feel discomfort for no reason. Taking tea after the meal or in unrestrained amount can cause it.
  • Triggers Insomnia: People love the taste of the Thai cold tea and fall in love with it. The love results in 10-cups-a-day habit. There are many persons who are suffering from insomnia and searching for the answer of why can’t they sleep. Well, here is your reason. The 10-cups-a-day routine is killing your sleep by the caffeine. Yes, caffeine is healthful in some cases but never a good choice if you need proper sleep.

In Closing,

We can say the tea has some really good impacts on the human body. It improves the metabolism function in your body. Therefore, you can achieve the fitness goal of yours. The tea is also beneficial for your eyes. People harm their eyes every day by looking at the computer, and tablet. They cannot undo the harm. But obviously, they can take a cup of the Thai iced tea which improves the eyesight impressively. Lots of advantages are there in consuming the Thai cold tea. If you want to make it and enhance your physical condition then try this homemade Thai iced tea recipe.

The Best Long Island Iced Tea Recipe

The traditional drinks are popular among the people because of various causes. One of them is the taste of tradition that people get with this kind of drinks. Here we have an amazing recipe for those who are looking forward to making the long island iced tea. It’s famous all over the world. The drink was invented a long ago. Still, it has demands among people from different countries. The tea was first made by a person called Robert Rosebud Butt. The time was 1972. Though some people claim that it was originally made in the 1920s by another person who was known as Old Man Bishop. However, it had different taste and elements. At first, it was popular in several states of the United States. Nowadays, it’s a well-known drink in many countries. Let’s see The Best Long Island Iced Tea Recipe learn how someone can manage to make it.

Necessary Ingredients

  • Rum: It’s a clear liquid alcoholic beverage made from the sugarcane juice. Take 1/2 US fluid ounce of rum.
  • Vodka: It’s a well known distilled beverage all over the world. Take the same amount of vodka as rum.
  • Gin: There are many of its kind. You should choose the ordinary gin. 1/2 US fluid ounce of it is required.
  • Triple sec: It is called Curaçao triple sec in many countries. You need to have the orange flavored one for this drink. 1/2 US fluid ounce is also needed here.
  • Tequila: It’s made from the famous Agave tequilana. Tequila is one of the most needed ingredients of the recipe. Take 1/2 US fluid ounce of it.
  • Sweet-Sour Mix: You can use the homemade one. Additionally, you can purchase it too. 1 US fluid ounce is enough to make the drink.
  • Cola: This is an essential drink for the iced tea. It gives a beautiful color to the drink. You should take the cola according to need. Basically, 1 US fluid ounce should be decent.
  • Lemon: The decoration matters the most. A sliced lemon can be a great decoration for the drink.
  • Ice: A few cubes of ice are enough.

How To Make

STEP-1: Take a washed cocktail shaker. Fill the shaker with ice.

STEP-2: Pour it with gin, triple sec, rum, vodka, tequila and sweet-sour mix over the ice.

STEP-3: Now cover the bottle and shake it properly.

STEP-4: Put the mixed drink into a highball glass. Add a splash of cola to make an attractive color.

STEP-5: Garnish the drink with lemon slices to embellish the iced tea. Now you can serve or drink the famous drinking item.

Nutrition Detail (Per Serve)

Fat – 0.1 g

Protein – 0.2 g

Calories – 262

Cholesterol – 0 mg

Sodium – 3 mg

Advantages for Health

  • Prevention of Common Cold: The island tea contains several types of alcohol. Though it can be fatal in different scenarios, it has usefulness too. The alcohol works very well preventing the cold issue in a human body. A research shows that chances of the erectile dysfunction reduce notably among the alcohol consumers. As a result, they don’t suffer from various cold issues.
  • Physical Improvement: A research from the Journal of Physiology says that alcohol improves the muscles of our body. It even strengthens the heart function. Therefore, your body delivers enhancement in various physical labors.
  • Protection of Brain: The brain is one of the most important parts of us. The alcohol can help to improve and protect our brain from being damaged. It has an impact on our brain cells. It protects them. The alcohol slows down the Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease too. So you shouldn’t worry about your brain as long as you are not taking alcohol in a large amount.
  • Weight Lose: Some people are afraid of alcohol because they think it increases the bodyweight when it does the opposite indeed. Specifically, the tequila does the job very well. It has an element called agavins which is effective for your body to lose pounds. It also lowers the glucose level. Thus, it can assist you to lose some unnecessary pounds from the body.

Side Effects

  • Addictiveness: The mixed drink item is great in terms of the taste. Unfortunately, it comes with several health disadvantages too. The addictiveness is surely one of them. The long island tea is made with different kind of alcohols. It can make you an addictive of the drink. You might be a regular fan of it. When it’s not around, you may not feel well. That’s the addictiveness caused by the alcohol. Therefore, people should be aware of this issue.
  • Liver Damage: You might be wondering how it damages your liver. Alcohol is one kind of poison. But it’s not always the case. Whenever someone takes it too much, it leads his body to toxicity. For this reason, it is called a poison. So everybody should be careful while drinking the island tea. Drinking it occasionally is not bad obviously. But taking it in a large amount can lead you to the acute alcohol poisoning which is dangerous for our body.


The mixed drink is a guilty pleasure drinking item. It is certainly not a regular drink. People make or take the drink in different occasions. The drink is specifically for the adult. It has a long tradition that attracts people to taste it. The mixed item can be a good choice in the summer. It can give you a relief from the hot sun of the summer. However, anyone should not overdrink it. It can be fatal for health as it contains alcohol. But there is no restriction to taste it one time in your life. Life is all about discovering new things and taste. If you want to try the best iced tea, you should try The Best Long Island Iced Tea Recipe. You can learn the process of making the iced tea though it doesn’t contain any tea ingredient. The elements that are used in making the tea is very easy to remember. These ingredients are common in all countries who make the island tea.

Iced Tea Recipe with Mint

Iced Tea Recipe with Mint

Drinking tea is a great way of keeping your body and mind fresh. It also provides a lot of benefits to your health. Tea helps to relax your muscle. As a result, you can have a healthy and stout life. But there are several people who don’t like to take tea. There are a few reasons behind it. The most common reason among them is the simple taste of the tea. Some people don’t like its average taste. A variety in taste of the tea can make them change their decisions. To make the difference in tea taste, you have to try making the Iced Tea with Mint. It’s a whole different tea than an ordinary one. The tea contains several ingredients that benefit your health. On the other hand, it has a unique taste that attracts you to drink the tea more. Moreover, the mixture of ice and mint gives you the best care for your skin. Let’s see the Iced Tea Recipe with Mint to know more about this awesome tea.

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Ingredients You Need

  • Water: The water is a must while making the tea. Take 3-6 cups of water. The cold water is also recommended as you’re making the iced mint tea. Take both types of the water.
  • Fresh mint: Mint is yet another essential ingredient for the tea. Take one bunch of mint after washing it.
  • Tea bags: Tea bag adds the actual taste of tea. Take 1 black or green tea bag.
  • Sugar/Honey: Sugar or honey is necessary to add the sweetness. It depends on you how much you like it. 4 tablespoons sugar is recommended for the tea. Honey should be used according to taste.
  • Ice: Ice cubes are important in terms of getting the perfect iced tea. Take 2-3 ice cubes to add the cold to the tea.
  • Lemon (Optional): It’s an optional ingredient for the tea. You can take 1 sliced lemon to enhance the taste of the tea.


STEP-1: If the water is boiled then proceed to the next step. If it’s not, you should start the process by boiling the water.

STEP-2: Pour the boiled water into a pitcher or jug. The jug must be a heat-resistant container.

STEP-3: Wash the mint if it’s needed. Put the fresh mint in the same jar where you have the boiled water.

STEP-4: Let the boiled water and mint steep for 25-30 minutes. Check if the water has got warm enough.

STEP-5: Add sugar or honey by using a tablespoon. You have to mix the whole ingredients with the spoon until it shows a decent mixture.

STEP-6: Place the newly made mixture in the fridge to make it cold. You should keep it in the fridge until you are prepared to serve the tea.

STEP-7: After taking it out, you can add the lemon juice to the tea. Be cautious in this part. Don’t add too much amount of the lemon juice. Mix the juice properly after adding it.

STEP-8: Now is the time to serve the delicious item. You should decorate it with a mint leaf, lemon slices, and ice cubes to make it look more attractive than an ordinary one.

Health Benefits

  • Digestion Assistance: The dish is very useful for our body. First of all, it can enhance the digestion of a person. It’s a decent appetizer as it contains the mint mixture. Therefore, people facing the digestion problem should try the item for a better experience.
  • Oral Freshening: Again the mint of the item does the trick of freshening your mouth. It helps you to deliver a youthful breath by keeping the teeth and tongue clean. This is the reason why you can find the mint element in toothpaste or mouthwash.
  • Care of Skin: If you want a clear skin, you should drink this tea on regular basis. The juice of the mint is a great skin cleanser. It does the same job when you eat it. The mint also prevents the acne in the skin.
  • Fever Prevention: The mint of the tea helps to reduce fever. It contains menthol. The menthol is known for reducing external sweating. It also decreases the inflammation of the fever. It cools down your body which results in less time in the shower. For this reason, you remain free from the fever.

Health Disadvantages

  • Effect of Emmenagogue: The tea is tasty and healthy as well. However, everything has its flaws. The tea is one of them. It contains the mint. It might be the cause of stimulation in blood flow which is dangerous for the pregnant women. Moreover, it can put the pregnant woman at risk. The women should be conscious of it. They shouldn’t drink the tea without the permission of her doctor.
  • Disorder of the Stomach: Another common issue of drinking the mint tea is various disorders that happen in the stomach. People who have stomach issues shouldn’t take the tea that much. Taking too many cups of the mint tea regularly can cause cramping, tremors, diarrhea, heart rate drops and so on. Even ulcers in the stomach can be a side effect of the tea.


This Iced Tea Recipe with Mint can help you to make the best of its kind. The people who don’t take tea or never tried the tea because of its taste should try this one. They will love the mixture of tea and mint for sure. The tea has many benefits for our health with the extraordinary taste. First of all, the mint is very good in terms of curing the headache. Sometimes the headache harms your body so much that you can eat nothing. In that case, a cup of the iced tea with the mint can help you to get back to your normal life. Many countries still prefer the hot tea but actually, the iced tea is more delicious and healthy. The mint adds more of the freshness and benefits to the tea. Though some negative sides are there, you can easily avoid them if you don’t take the tea too much every day.

Green Tea Mochi Ice Cream Recipe

Green Tea Mochi Ice Cream Recipe

The tea is a standard drink to take in most of the countries. It relaxes your body as well as the mind. On the other hand, ice cream is something which is also popular in most of the nations. People of all ages like to eat ice creams. What if there is a mixture of these two favorite items? There is a way to make the mix of both which is called Green Tea Mochi Ice Cream. It’s famous food in Japan and the United States. You can get the freshness of green tea and the taste of mochi ice cream both from one dish. It will give your body lots of benefits from the green tea. Besides, you will enjoy the deliciousness of the ice cream. The item is served in a cold temperature. Therefore, it’s a must item to try during the scorching summer. To make this mouth-watering food, you need to follow the Green Tea Mochi Ice Cream Recipe. One more thing, Ice Tea Maker is not for making this item.

Required Ingredients

  1. Ice cream: It’s probably the essential part of this dish. You should take ten scoops of ice cream. The vanilla one is recommended for this job.
  2. Rice flour: The rice flour is another significant ingredient of the recipe. Take eight tablespoons of rice flour. It has to be the sweet one/sweet rice flour.
  3. Salt: It should be used according to taste. One pinch of the salt is adequate for the item.
  4. Water: Almost every dish requires water. In this case, a 1/2 cup of water is a decent choice.
  5. Sugar: The white sugar is necessary for the dish. Use two tablespoons of sugar.
  6. Powder of green tea: Take one teaspoon of the green powder. It should be matcha as you have to mix it.
  7. Cornstarch: Take it according to your taste. One tablespoon is the recommendation.
  8. Cardboard egg carton: it’s needed to give the proper shape to the dish.


STEP-1: Make sure the carton has 10 cups. Wash the container properly to ensure the cleanliness of it.

STEP-2: Place ten scoops of the ice cream in the cups accordingly. The scoops of the ice cream should be covered up by wraps of plastic. Put it in the fridge for at least 2 hours.

STEP-3: Mix the water, sweet rice flour, and the salt in a heatproof bowl. After it, add the sugar and mix again. When the mixture gets smooth, it’s time to add the green tea powder into the batter.

STEP-4: Now, cover up the bowl where the mixture remains with plastic wraps. Put it into the microwave oven for 2-3 minutes.

STEP-5: Stir the warm mixture once again and recover it with wraps. Place it in the oven for some more time. See if the dough of mochi got thick. It should not take more than 2 minutes.

STEP-6: Choose a surface of the kitchen where it’s clean. Dust the surface with cornstarch. Roll the dough in a rectangle shape what should be 1/8 inches thick. Make 10 square of the money. All of the parts should be equal.

STEP-7: Take the ice creams out from the fridge and remove its wraps. Put the balls of the ice cream in the newly made doughs. After doing so, cover the ice creams with the mixtures thoroughly. Don’t forget to pinch the bottom of the combinations. If there is any extra dough, cut off it.

STEP-8: Cover all the balls with wraps and place it in the cardboard egg carton. Put the container into the fridge. After 2 hours, the item is ready to serve you.

Health Benefits

  1. Physical Performance: The item can boost your physical performance in many ways. Firstly, it contains lots of carbs that is important to get proper energy. On the other hand, the green tea cause an increase in metabolism. Therefore, it improves physical movement.
  2. Decreasing Cancer Risk: The green tea has antioxidants with it. The antioxidants can prevent the harmful growth of cells in our body. For this reasons, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, and prostate cancer can be avoided by the tea ice cream.
  3. Vitamin Source: The dish is an excellent source of vitamins. It is made with the ice creams where you can get vitamins like B-6, C, D, and E. In fact; ice cream has the vitamin K too that helps to prevent blood clotting.

Negative Effects

  1. Risk of a Headache: The tasty item of ice cream and green tea can be a reason behind your headache problem. The ice cream is cold and green tea contains caffeine which is enough to cause a headache in your head. Therefore, you should always be careful while taking this item. On the other hand, taking too much green tea causes iron deficiency. When it occurs, the headache is a standard issue.
  2. Fat: A ice cream contains carbohydrates that are one of the most common reasons for belly fat issue. Generally, a pint of the ice cream gives more than 120 grams of carbs to your body. Though it provides temporary energy for your body, it can be the main reason why you’re getting more fat day by day.

In Conclusion

Making the sea-ice cream might sound a bit difficult to do. But if you follow the steps of this recipe, it is not hard to make indeed. The people who are living in the countries where humidity is too much should try to make this dish. It will be a perfect item for them. The summer consumes a lot of water from our body. The combination of the green tea can give your body a shield to prevent the harm of the sun. It helps to stop excessive sweating. As a result, it keeps enough water in the body. Thus it assists us to have a healthy time even in the summer. Besides, the mochi is another ingredient in the list that enhances our organization in several ways. It is also a good item for the children. Though some of them don’t like the green tea, they would undoubtedly love the combination of ice cream in the dish. Following the steps of the Green Tea Mochi Ice Cream Recipe, you can make the meal with ease.