Homemade Thai Iced Tea Recipe

Homemade Thai Iced Tea Recipe

The Thai iced tea is a renowned drink in an Asian continent. People of these countries love this amazing tea. They like the tea for a reason. It doesn’t deliver decent taste only; the tea also provides some great health benefits. One of them is preventing the asthma disease. The issue is a fatal problem. Only people who have gone through it know how much horrible the disease is. One cup of the Thai cold tea can remove the risk of asthma. If you are guessing that it’s hard to make the chai tea at home, you are certainly not correct. The making method of the tea is not difficult because it requires some of your regular kitchen ingredients. See the homemade Thai iced tea recipe below.


  • Tea bag: To prepare the Thai tea, you must use the black tea bags. It’s essential for the Thai tea. Also, use only the organic black tea. 4 tea bags are required.
  • Star anise: If you want the actual Thai flavor then the star anise is a must too. Take 2 pieces of it.
  • Cardamom pod: Another important ingredient that gives the Thai taste to the tea. 1 cardamom pod is enough for the tea. Smash it as you have to mix it in the tea.
  • Water: 4 cups of the water are required here. Just take the normal water from the kitchen because you will boil it later.
  • Sugar: You will have to use the sugar instead of honey here. Take 12 tablespoons of the granulated sugar because it mixes with the tea properly.
  • Clove: 2 pieces of the clove are needed for preparing the Thai tea. It’s yet one more mandatory ingredient for the tea.
  • Half-and-half: 1 cup of it should be good for the tea. If you don’t have it, you can use the condensed milk or basic milk too.
  • Ice: Get some ice cubes too. It’s necessary for the iced tea.


STEP-1: Boil the required amount of the water and add the tea bags to it. Combine anise star, sugar, cloves, and cardamom pod together and add them into the tea too. Don’t just leave them there, stir the mixture so that every ingredient can get mixed sufficiently. Boil the tea again with the elements for 3 minutes. Remove the tea from heat after the time.

STEP-2: Now let the tea soak for 30 minutes. It will cool down after the time. You will get the best Thai tea flavor if these ingredients get mixed to the tea completely. For the best result, keep the tea bags in the water for 2 hours straight. It will also help the tea to get cool.

STEP-3: Pull out the black tea bags. Get a spoon and remove the clove, star anise, and clove too. If the tea is not cool enough, put it in the fridge for a while. It will be chilled adequately. This will fasten the process of making tea.

STEP-4: In a large glass, put some ice cubes and then pour the Thai tea. Leave sufficient room at the top of the glass. Add the half-and-half according to your requirement.

Health Benefits

  • Averts Asthma: The trouble while breathing has to be one of the most awful issues to the sufferers. Everyone has the right to breathe but some people are restricted not to do it comfortably. The Thai iced tea can help you with that. The anti-oxide of the Thai tea injects inflammation substances into your body. As a result, it doesn’t only treat asthma, the tea prevents it too.
  • Supports Diet: If you are not getting support for your diet program from anyone then make the Thai tea a friend. It’s obviously supportive and can help you to lose weight effectively. The Thai is excellent in terms of normalizing your metabolism. The metabolism is what you require when you are on diet. Consume the tea daily and you will see a wonderful result within the first month.
  • Aids Heart Health: The iced Thai tea also assists your heart to be in a stable condition. The main thing what it does to your heart is protecting the arteries and blood vessels. These are the most vital parts of your precious heart. When they are protected properly, you will be out of upset heart health risk.
  • Stroke Prevention: The stroke is undoubtedly one of the scariest diseases in the world. There is no need not to mention the reason. It causes because of the blood veins issues. The issues happen because you have a high level of the cholesterol. The Thai tea reduces the cholesterol which also decreases the risk of the stroke. The black tea contains theaflavin, anti-oxide, and caffeine. All of this is beneficial to prevent stroke.
  • Green Tea Mochi Ice Cream Also has a great benefit for health.

Health Disadvantages

  • Stomach Inconvenience: The black tea or whatever tea is not that good for you stomach. When the tea flavor is strong, it can cause sensitivity in your stomach. The Thai tea creates the cramps issue in the stomach too. You will feel discomfort for no reason. Taking tea after the meal or in unrestrained amount can cause it.
  • Triggers Insomnia: People love the taste of the Thai cold tea and fall in love with it. The love results in 10-cups-a-day habit. There are many persons who are suffering from insomnia and searching for the answer of why can’t they sleep. Well, here is your reason. The 10-cups-a-day routine is killing your sleep by the caffeine. Yes, caffeine is healthful in some cases but never a good choice if you need proper sleep.

In Closing,

We can say the tea has some really good impacts on the human body. It improves the metabolism function in your body. Therefore, you can achieve the fitness goal of yours. The tea is also beneficial for your eyes. People harm their eyes every day by looking at the computer, and tablet. They cannot undo the harm. But obviously, they can take a cup of the Thai iced tea which improves the eyesight impressively. Lots of advantages are there in consuming the Thai cold tea. If you want to make it and enhance your physical condition then try this homemade Thai iced tea recipe.

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